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The Character - Building Nature of a Montessori Education

Character development is an essential outcome of a Montessori education. Maria Montessori believed that the way to bring peace and harmony to the world was to cultivate children a deep reverence for all living things. Teaching children to treat each other with dignity, to act with concern for others, to take personal responsibility, and to be of service are “noble characteristics” that Maria Montessori believed would benefit humanity. Nourishing the spirit of the child is vital part of the educational experience in a Montessori classroom. At Great Pillars Academy International, this is in keeping with our commitment to educate the WHOLE child.

Our Mission

Our Mission statement reflects our belief in what a quality school should do. Through structure of choice, Great Pillars Academy International wishes to engender a love of imagination, creativity, discoveries, and learning as well as acceptance of personal responsibility for intellectual growth and social interaction which will extend throughout life.


Our Vision

The vision of Great Pillars Academy International Program is to be a high quality program for all preschool-aged children and their families. Children demonstrate growth in all areas of development in a safe nurturing environment that is child-centered and based on individual needs. Highly qualified teachers provide a highly engaging atmosphere where each child helps himself explore his imagination and discover his ability through a variety of methods. All staff of the school unites to ensure child success through professionalism, continuous learning, respectful behavior, commitment and compassion.

Our Goals and Philosophy

Generally, the goal of our school is not to control, but to inspire each child to wonder and be curious, to imagine, discover and create new ideas and to learn voluntarily. We believe that each child is competent and capable with innate talent, gifts and possibilities for change and growth that must be nurtured, encouraged, and developed to his or her fullest potential. We believe that early childhood education should nurture life skills and promote independent, life-long learners who have the positive dispositions, attitudes, and feelings towards learning. We believe that discovering the right answers will not only get a child pass exams but also gain high self-esteem, self-confidence, solve problems independently all throughout his life. We believe that with structure of choice, the children will have the strong foundation and strength to enable them to see the world differently, make decisions differently and learn differently. We recognize and support the critical role parents play in the lives of their children by promoting meaningful and collaborative home-center partnership.